Our permanent choice is the respect for our customers and satisfaction of their needs. We have a lot of patience when it comes to listening to every complaint of our customers. In the past period, we managed to establish a name, to gain respect and our customers' trust, and they continue to increase every year.
Sanitary correctness and safety of our products are vital for our customers' trust.

  • Wholesale: We offer an assortment of over 200 different fish products and seafood, and very wide assortment of frozen fruit, vegetables, and frozen french fries.
  • Retail sale: A wide assortment of fresh and frozen : : fish, shrimps, shells, octopuses, squids...
    • Retail sale in the city market Banja Luka - 051/231-860, 066/711-947
    • Retail sale in "Merkator" Center - 051/237-800, 065/713-153
    • Retail sale in "Fratello Trade JSC" Ramići - 051/394-180
  • Bonded warehouse - export: For our buyers outside BiH, we offer a wide range of products unencumbered by custom's duty and VAT
  • Packaging: We pack for our purposes and do the packing service of fish, fruits and vegetables into bags, boxes, styropor and plastic tubs.
  • Service of cleaning and packaging of squid.
  • Storage service in chambers with -/+ regime: We offer storage in pallet shelves.
    Service rapid freezing of products: Rapid freezing of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables for preservation of top quality.
  • Distribution/ transport service: We do the distribution service within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and transport service mainly for Spain and France.