About us

As an independent enterprise, Fratello Trade JSC started working on 27th December 2000. Company’s tradition of fish trading has existed since 1996, when Fratello Trade was a branch office of another company.

Fratello Trade JSC has become a Joint Stock Company on 20th June 2002, by purchase of 30% of its shares by legal entity outside BiH, Horizonte Enterprise Development company B.V. Netherland, with its head offices in Vienna.

We are the first private company in BiH which raised additional capital for development through the initial public offering. That way, the share structure is made of more than 100 shareholders, the largest of which are: Derajic Mario (with 54%) and Horizonte Enterprise Development company B.V. Netherland (with 28%).

The goods are provided from all continents and marketed primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Monte Negro.

Management of Fratello Trade JSC is strongly determined to carry out the established systems of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good hygiene practice in full, as a prerequisite of efficient HACCP system.

The HACCP system is the basis of top quality performance and therefore it is duty of all employees to constantly acquire new knowledge and training.

Fratello Trade JSC has 6040 m2 of land in its property.

The company has business premises of 2300 m2 in total, where the following are stored:

  1. 5700 m3 of refrigerating plant, i.e. 4 chambers for preservation of frozen food at required refrigeration regime;
  2. bonded warehouse for goods requiring +/- refrigeration regime;
  3. loading and unloading ramp for undisturbed and quick loading/unloading of goods with forklift;
  4. packaging plant of 250 m2 to meet the requirements of processing and finishing of goods into the vacuum bags, boxes, plastic or styropor tubs;
  5. plant for cleaning and packaging squid in various commercial packages;
  6. refrigerating plant for deep freezing (-40°C) of fresh fish and seafood;
  7. dry warehouse;
  8. packing material warehouse;
  9. office premises 840 m2;
  10. additional offices.

Planned capacities are used for own requirements, but also for the requirements of other producers and distributors of frozen food to whom we lease the storage (refrigerating) space or provide packaging services and service of cleaning and packaging squid.

Fratello Trade JSC sees its advantage in the most complete assortment of fish products in comparison to the competition.

Our buyers are: mega markets, retail sales, fish markets, hotels and restaurants, wholesales and cafeterias (worker’s canteen).

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